Sunset Hill Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center is committed to quality of life for people and animals. We try to achieve this by:

Being environmentally conscientious. We are a near-paperless clinic, and recycle all syringe casings, paper, plastic, aluminum, tin and glass.

Giving all employees a 4-day workweek. Having time away from work enables our staff to achieve a work/life balance, and to be an enthusiastic and focused team for our patients and clients.

Treating every patient (dog or cat) as if they were our own, while often doing our exams on the floor, whenever possible. We win their trust with gentleness, striving to make every veterinary experience as stress-free as possible.

Reassuring atmosphere. We understand that when your beloved pet is anxious or not well it is incredibly stressful for everyone. That is why we designed the waiting room with comfortable chairs, sweets for both patient and clients, and as much natural light as possible through our glass office-front.

Adequate consultation time. Our standard appointment time is 40 minutes to allow time for clients to express any concerns they have, and for doctors and their staff to meet those concerns properly.