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The general veterinary care provided by Sunset Hill covers many services that your dog or cat may need. Think of us as your pet's pediatrician or family doctor. We take our time with each patient and client, collecting a thorough history and giving and in-depth examination, so that we can practice preventative medicine. We also have the training and technology to run in-house tests including:

  • Urinalysis
  • Urine cultures
  • Bloodwork
  • Microscopic evaluation of cytologies
  • Radiographs (x-rays)
  • General surgery (spays, neuters, etc)
  • Routine Dentistry (anesthetic)


We also maintain an extensive in-house pharmacy to support our patient's needs. Call today to schedule an appointment

Need a little more information? Schedule a Meet-N-Greet in order to get a first hand feel for our clinic and staff. We will provide a complimentary 20 minute appointment including a hospital tour, introduction to a doctor of your choice, and further acquaint you with the general philosophy of our health care facility.


cold laser therapy

Sunset Hill also provides you with a specialist for physical rehabilitation, much like a human physical therapist. A newer discipline in veterinary medicine, rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery from any orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery. Rehab is also an effective tool in slowing down the progression of osteoarthritis and battling obesity.

The first step is an Initial Rehab Consultation. We schedule a full hour with Dr. Lamb and ask to have a copy of any pertinent medical records and relevant x-rays. Dr. Lamb will conduct a full examination that includes:

  • Gait assessment
  • Range of motion
  • Stance
  • Measurement of muscle diameter (when appropriate)
  • and Goals for recovery

Dr. Lamb will then create an individualized therapeutic plan that will include exercises and home care as well as follow-up appointments at Sunset Hill, which may consist of one or all of the following:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Passage Range of Motion & Massage
  • Exercises

Please call to schedule an "initial rehab appointment" or to ask our staff any other questions you might have.